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Post Hurricane Irma Update October 23, 2017 - Noon

Hurricane Irma Catastrophic Structural Damage Report Form

If your property has been damaged by Hurricane Irma, click here to let us know. For more information on the Catastrophic Structural Damage form and deadline information, please click here to view the video.


Tips for Irma Debris Removal (Click Here)
Press Release (Click Here)
Blue Roof 
WC Disaster info for Contractors Updated
WC Disaster info for Property Owners Updated
Private Communities debris Removal Consent Form
Contact List for Debris Removal in Private Communities

North Lauderdale is a compact city, in the center of Broward County, which is in the center of South Florida, an area that – at least economically speaking – is the center of the Americas. This pivotal location makes North Lauderdale a community rich in diversity. Our 42,000 residents have come from all over the world to secure a place in the sun, stake a claim in South Florida’s vibrant economy and build a future for their children. And as you’ll see, our future looks promising. .


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