Your City Commissioners are listening! 

Effective with the bills going out in September 2018 the following changes will be placed into effect:

Increase to the number of days to pay your utility bill from 14 days to 21 days from the bill date. 

  • This change affects ALL utility customers on the City’s utility system by providing more time for you to pay your bill. 
  • If you are on automatic deduction, you must ensure you have funds available in your account based on this new due date. 

New – Customers can now request up to two (2) complimentary meter read verifications per calendar year. 

  • If a customer requests to have the meter read verified, please contact Utility Billing Customer Service at 954-722-3800 to schedule the verification. 
  • If a customer requests more than two (2) meter read verifications during a calendar year, a $35.00 charge will be applied to the account, if two (2) prior meter read verifications are determined to be correct. 

 After-Hours Service Reconnections are available up to 8:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays) 

  • Please contact 954-722-3800 for additional information on restoring your water service. 
  • Note: A fee of $50.00 will be applied to your account for after-hours service reconnection. 

 If your property will be vacant and have zero water usage for a minimum of two (2) consecutive billing cycles, contact Utility Billing to receive more information about qualifying for water availability service.

 Water Meter Tampering is a Criminal Offense 

It is unlawful to tamper with any of the utility fixtures that service your property without the written consent of City of North Lauderdale Utilities Department. Significant tampering fines will be imposed to the utility account. 

Examples of a tampering violation: 

  • Water usage without applying for service 
  • Turning water services on without authorization from City of North Lauderdale 
  • Installation of an unauthorized meter 
  • Installing any foreign apparatus to stop or alter the metering of water 
  • Removing any of the utility’s fixtures such as a meter 
  • Breaking a meter lock/strap put on by City due to non-payment 
  • Connecting a water meter backwards