Staff Directory

Department Name Name Fax Position Email Phone
Main Number 954-720-2064 (954)-722-0900
After Hours Service (954)-720-7071
CITY COMMISSION Ana M. Ziade Mayor (954)-724-7056
CITY COMMISSION 954-720-2151 cityclerk@nlauderdaleorg._ (954)-724-7056
CITY COMMISSION Lorenzo Wood District A (954)-724-7056
CITY COMMISSION Mario Bustamante District B (954)-724-7056
CITY COMMISSION Dr. Regina Martin District C (954)-724-7056
CITY COMMISSION Samson Borgelin District D (954)-724-7056
ADMINISTRATION 954-720-2151 (954)-724-7040
ADMINISTRATION Ambreen Bhatty City Manager (954)-724-7040
Administration Michael Sargis Assistant City Manager (954)-597-4731
ADMINISTRATION Tania Cordova Executive Assistant  / ADA Coordinator (954)-724-7040
CITY CLERK'S OFFICE 954-720-2151 (954)-724-7056
CITY CLERK'S OFFICE Elizabeth Garcia- Beckford City Clerk (954)-597-4705
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 954-720-2064 (954)-724-7069
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Tammy Reed-Holguin Director (954)-597-4737
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Katherine Randall Asst. Director (954)-597-4739
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Andrew Disbury City Planner (954)-597-4744
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Judy Kull Building & Permit Department (954)-597-4742
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Lien Search & Settlement Info (954)-597-4746
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Mary Small Grant Administrator (954)-597-4777
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Mark Bridgepaul Business Tax/License Division (954)-597-4750
CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION Rafael Santos Senior Code Officer (954)-597-4748
CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION Monica Parkinson Recording Secretary (954)-724-0878
CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION Lilla Ganaishlal Code Officer (954)-597-4752
CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION Kim Poole Code Officer (954)-597-4753
CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION Jean Gustin Code Officer (954)-597-4751
CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION Mike Torres Code Officer (954)-597-4749
CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION Ronald Duverna Code Officer (954)-597-4738
HUMAN RESOURCES (954)-724-7068
HUMAN RESOURCES Job Hotline (954)-724-7067
HUMAN RESOUCES Lura Woodley (954)-724-6975 Human Resources Director (954)-597-4712
HUMAN RESOURCES Vacant Human Resources Specialist
FINANCE 954-720-2064 (954)-724-7072
FINANCE Susan Nabors Director (954)-597-4714
FINANCE Sendie Rymer Controller (954)-597-4715
FINANCE Andrew Rozwadowski Purchasing & Contracts Manager (954)-597-4776
FINANCE Danielle Keira-Cancel Purchasing Coordinator dkcancel@nlauderdaleorg._ (954)-597-4718
FINANCE Glenda Walker Payroll Specialist (954)-597-4717
NORTH LAUDERDALE FIRE Rodney Turpel Fire Chief (954)-597-4762
NORTH LAUDERDALE FIRE Dave Sweet Deputy Fire Chief (954)-597-4763
NORTH LAUDERDALE FIRE Sharda Jomant Executive Assistant (954)-597-4764
NORTH LAUDERDALE FIRE Station 34 - 6151 Bailey Road (954)-720-4315
NORTH LAUDERDALE FIRE Station 44 - 7700 Hampton Blvd. (954)-720-4315
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Mitch Williams Chief Information Technology Officer (954)-597-4730
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Ivano Bacchetta Network Administrator (954)-597-4682
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Wagner Noel Systems Administrator (954)-597-4774
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Alina Mehdi IT Support Analyst (954)-597-4729
PARKS & RECREATION Mike Sargis 954-597-4831 Parks and Recreation Director (954)-597-4731
PARKS & RECREATION Montoya Langham Recreation Superintendent mlangham@nlauderdaleorg._ (954)-724-7061
PARKS & RECREATION Athletics (954)-724-7061
PARKS & RECREATION Jack Brady Sports Complex  (located behind Somerset Prep School) (954)-597-4736
PARKS & RECREATION Jerry Resnick Aquatic Center  (located in the municipal complex) (954)-724-7061
PARKS & RECREATION Teen Recreation Center (located in the municipal complex) (954)-724-7061
PARKS & RECREATION Mike Finnikin Parks Manager (954)-597-4735
PARKS & RECREATION Pompano Park 4001 Bailey Rd.
PUBLIC WORKS 954-720-2064 (954)-724-7070
PUBLIC WORKS Sam May Director (954)-597-4756
PUBLIC WORKS Sean Lypher Administrative Coordinator (954)-597-4755
PUBLIC WORKS Neil Buckeridge Superintendent (954)-597-4757
PUBLIC WORKS Ken Thomas Utility Foreman (954)-597-4758
U.S. Water (Utility Billing ) 954-724-6966 Customer Service (954)-722-3800