City Commission

The City Commission of the City of North Lauderdale is composed of a Mayor and four Commissioners.  All of our elected officials are elected for four-year staggered terms. The Commission is responsible to the citizens of North Lauderdale for the establishment of policy and the overview of the operation of the City which is performed by the City Manager and the various operating departments. The City Commission holds regular meetings on the second and final Tuesday of each month, at which time City policy is established through the passage of ordinances and resolutions. Additional commission meetings and special meetings are held periodically as required.

The duties of the City Commission include attendance at regular and special Commission meetings and workshop meetings; public hearings; passage of ordinances and resolutions; acting on items required by City Charter such as acceptance of proposals, grants, agreements, proclamations, awards, etc.; and interacting with citizens on a daily basis. The Commission also has a primary responsibility for the establishment of the annual City budget and the provision of revenues sufficient for the effective operation of City government.