News & Information

The City of North Lauderdale's Public Information Department directs the City's communication efforts by increasing awareness of government services and activities. Information is regularly distributed to residents, businesses, the media, City officials and employees of the City.  

The Public Information Officer is responsible for disseminating information in the following ways:

  • Developing and distributing press releases about City activities, programs and news to the media;
  • Managing the function, design and content of the City's website;
  • Managing the content on Channel 78, the City's cable-access channel;
    • The channel provides information about a variety of City-related events, activities and issues.Channel 78 is only available to residents of 
      North Lauderdale who subscribe to Comcast 
  • Creating the content of the North Lauderdale News quarterly newsletter.
  • Assisting the City's departments with public education initiatives and special events;
  • Maintain the City marquee, providing residents and visitors with public service announcements and up-to-date information about traffic, weather, parking, special events and more.
  • Creating, producing and distributing brochures, pamphlets and flyers, necessary to carry out the public information strategies of City departments.

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