Resident Grant Opportunities

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Exterior Residential Paint Program

Residential Assistance for Covid-19, click here for details!



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Considering the COVID-19 situation that may have affected employment continuity, income stability, debt ratios calculations and credit scoring; the City of North Lauderdale put a hold on the Purchase Assistance Program.
After retracting the availability of the Purchase Assistance application and after several weeks of delay The City of North Lauderdale’s Purchase Assistance Program is NOW OPEN to the community.
The City is attaching the updated (most recent) application and promotional flyer to this email. All documents are ONLY available electronically AND/OR by request at (954) 724-7069, Option #3. The City Hall building is NOT open to the public yet.

If you have any questions, about completing the application or the Program’s requirements call (954) 724-7069, Option #3.

Thank you for your interest in the City of North Lauderdale Grant Programs

With assistance from the State of Florida’s Department of Emergency Management, the City of North Lauderdale offers residents an opportunity to retrofit their homes through a wind mitigation program that focuses on hardening and protecting residential structures. Program availability is based on funding.

Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program (HLMP) IS NOW CLOSED to City of North Lauderdale Homeowners

Need assistance strengthening your home against hurricane force winds?

The City has received State funding from the Division of Emergency Management to mitigate approved owner-occupied, single-family properties and is accepting names in the waiting list. The HLMP will provide qualified wind resistance construction and installations completed with strict compliance with the Florida Building Codes and Manufacturer’s Specification. 

For more information, contact the Grant Department at (954) 724-7069, Option 3 or you may directly access the program application and promotional flyer on the City’s website. 

Here is the application for the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program

Examples of activities included in mitigation are:

  • Replacing of roof covering/re-roofing
  • Installation of window and door opening protection                             
  • Installation of hurricane straps
  • Application of secondary water barrier.


PicMinor Home Repair Program  (Open!)
If you are interested in completing minor repairs to your home, the City of North Lauderdale has funds available to assist income eligible applicants.  This assistance will help homeowners complete health, safety and aesthetic improvements, to any owner-occupied home in the City of North Lauderdale.  This program can provide up to $2,000 in matching funds for repair assistance. The amount received is based on a 50% match, not to exceed $2,000 on the City’s end.  Required documents:

  1. Completed documents
  2. Driver’s License or State ID for all household individuals (18 years of age and older).
  3. Proof of property ownership: Warranty Deed or Satisfaction of Mortgage
  4. Proof of primary residence. (Homestead)
  5. Proof that you are current on your property taxes.
  6. Most recent mortgage statement, showing you are current.
  7. Three estimates equal in workmanship

    • Please make sure that estimates are equal in workmanship as the City is going to compare in order to get the most for the expense before allowing  you to contract with any contractor.
    • Estimates must list at a  minimum:
      • Company’s Information (Name, Address, Phone, License Number, Representative Name)
      • Homeowner’s Name and Property Address
      • Scope of Work
      • The total amount of the job (to include permit fees in applicable)
  8. Copy of the Contractor’s License (for the lowest bidder).
  9. Copy of Contractor’s General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance (for the lowest bidder).

Three written estimates from licensed and insured contractors are required for any work for which matching assistance is requested. Estimates must be reviewed prior to residents contracting with the lowest responsive responsible contractor. Repair assistance is in the form of a grant, and does not require any repayment. 

 For additional information please call 954-724-7060, option 3. For an application click here

The City of North Lauderdale in partnership with Broward County and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, offers the below opportunity for residents to apply for grants throughout the year as part of the Community Development Block Grant program. 

For more information on grants, please call the Community Development Department at 954-724-7069 and select option 3.